# 1. Add CUBE Mainnet to iToken Wallet


  1. Go to the official website https://itoken.onelink.me/oUOs/A1e5 to download the latest version of iToken Wallet.


  2. Open your iToken, click on Try Now and set a security password. (If you have used iToken Wallet before, ignore this step)

  3.  Switch to the Wallet page, click on Add wallet


  4. Choose CUBE. 

  5. Click on Create Wallet, or you could choose import wallet if you have that before.

  6. #2. Claim 2,100,000 CUBE Airdrop

    1. Switch to the Wallet page, click on wallet management 

    2. Choose your CUBE wallet.

    3. Switch to the Home page and click the Capricorn directly;

      Or you can switch to the Browser page, search and visit the Capricorn directly.

    4. Connect your CUBE wallet. 

    5. Click Claim, and then confirm your account.


    6. Enter your wallet security password, and confirm.CUBE Wallet created.

    7.  Done.