Big Loss Due To Bitcoin Price Drops, This BTC Owner Robs Gold Shop

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JAKARTA – The decline in the price of Bitcoin in recent weeks has caused investors to suffer losses. The decline in the price of BTC has also dragged down altcoin prices. This condition affects the psychology of cryptocurrency investors, some even taking extreme actions.

Recently, Bitcoin owners in Thailand were reported to have committed crimes due to the falling BTC price. A man named Montri had robbed one of the gold shops on Monday, June 20 yesterday. He managed to steal a gold necklace worth 50,000 US dollars.

Eleven hours after the robbery of the 31.6 ounce gold necklace, Thai police managed to apprehend Montri. The suspect admitted to committing the theft because he had suffered a loss in his crypto investment. Montri's real identity is still being kept secret to protect his legal rights.

The robbery was carried out at the Buen Lee gold shop located in the Phra Nakhon district, Bangkok. When questioned by the police, the suspect recounted his robbery. The 34-year-old man known as "Montri" parked his motorbike opposite Buan Lee's gold shop at Wang Burapha.

Then Montri entered the shop with a gun. He then stole jewelery from the shop and managed to escape.

To the police, the suspect admitted that he was very stressed because the price of Bitcoin plummeted and he suffered losses. Even though at that time he was in need of some money for his needs, as reported by Bitcoinist.

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