Terra Raises Proposal to Airdrop $LUNA From Community Pool

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The new iteration of the Terra blockchain team, after distortion of its older version, raised a proposal entitled “Phoenix Airdrop” to airdrop $LUNA tokens from the community pool to those users who couldn’t receive a correct allocation of it.

According to the announcement on Twitter, the airdrop would be conducted for those users who failed to get the right allocation of tokens due to technical constraints or issues associated with indexing live on Agora if the proposal passes.

Through this proposal, LUNA requests the 18,709,455 $LUNA tokens from the Community Pool. If the proposal passes, these tokens will be distributed across different blockchains such as Ethereum, Avalanche, BNB Chain, Polygon, Fantom, and others. 

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Terra has listed different eligible blockchains, protocols, and wallet types for the airdrop. Although it kept some chains out of this airdrop “due to inabilities to properly index technical complexities or small amounts of USTC, aUST, or LUNC held on-chain at the snapshot height.”

Additionally, users will have one month from August 28 to September 28 to claim their airdrop provided the governance approves the plan. If LUNA is not claimed by September 28, 2022, it will be given back to the community pool.

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