ACS airdrop announcement

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ACS airdrop announcement

The Access Foundation is excited to announce an airdrop of ACS tokens in coordination with the launch of Access Protocol. To achieve an equitable and decentralized distribution while onboarding users, we will be granting ACS tokens to the earliest prospective adopters of the Access Protocol.

The ACS tokens granted will be non-transferable for the first year but can be staked at a creator pool, allowing users to become familiar with the protocol’s functionality while getting access to content provided by our launch partners.

How to join the ACS airdrop

ACS tokens will be given to any user that verifies at Users will be airdropped 20,000 ACS tokens to stake in a creator pool of your choice.

ACS tokens will be distributed through our sign-up and referral process. Initial invite links will be distributed randomly beginning on September 29th. Upon registering for the airdrop you will receive 3 invite links which you can distribute to individuals within your network. Each of these links is unique and can only be used to register for the airdrop once.

Upon receiving a valid invite link you can verify your account by connecting your twitter and wallet address at

To be eligible, users must:

  • Be active in the past few months (a few likes and retweets will do).
  • Have more than 50 followers
  • Follow more than 20 accounts and fewer than 10,000 accounts.
  • Have an account older than 5 months.
  • Follow the @AccessProtocol Twitter account.

Once you have completed the process by connecting your Twitter account with a Solana address, you will be placed in our airdrop pool. Users from this pool will be randomly selected to receive the airdrop.

ACS tokens can be claimed on the day of protocol launch by visiting We will notify our community via Twitter and email when tokens are available to be claimed.

Personal information such as Twitter handles are strictly for verification and will not be used for any other purposes unless requested by the user.

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